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Perpetual Candles are an award-winning invention of Jenny Madalura.  They are beautiful reusable glass candles that use tap water, scented oil and a patented ‘perpetual wick’ that never burns up.  They can be used again and again – all you need to do is top up the water and oil.

Self righting glass candle with crystals set in resin at the base to give a beautiful coloured glow to the candle.  With a range of colours to choose from to suit your home.

Every new Perpetual Candle comes with a 50ml bottle of scented candle oil, which will provide 9 hours of burning time, and is presented in a beautiful box making it the perfect gift.

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The Perpetual Candle is made of glass and contains a handmade solid wick.  All you need to do is fill it with liquid up to nearly the tip of the wick, but leaving enough of the top of the wick uncovered to be able to light it.  The liquid should be 3/4 tap water, and 1/4 Madalura London scented oil.  You put the water in first, then top up with the oil, and then light the wick.  Hey presto, you have a candle that can last for up to 9 hours before the oil needs to be topped up again.

When you wish to extinguish the candle, you can simply blow it out.  Alternatively the candle will self-extinguish when the oil layer runs out.

The Perpetual Candle can be used again and again – just fill up the candle with tap water and a layer of scented oil, as explained above.

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Peridot Floral Lime, Citrine Amber Flora, Ruby Fire, Sapphire Blue, Topaz Blue, Emerald Delight, Lola Rose Grey, Deep Amerthyst, Aqua