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Perpetual Candle

Perpetual Candles are an award-winning invention of Jenny Madalura.  They are beautiful reusable glass candles that use tap water, scented oil and a patented ‘perpetual wick’ that never burns up.  They can be used again and again – all you need to do is top up the water and oil.

These candles are multi-functional and attractive, combining an innovative, eco-ethical invention with the timeless beauty and power of candles.

Ordinary scented wax candles are both disposable and expensive.  They often become inundated with melted wax and have to be thrown away after a few hours of burning.  They are also messy because of the need to dispose of re‑solidified melted wax.   And they pose a fire risk if knocked over.  In contrast, Perpetual Candles burn brightly consuming nothing but the scented oil, and leaving no residue behind.  If they are knocked over, the fire will be immediately extinguished by the water; so they are much safer than ordinary candles.

Perpetual Candles are also a highly cost-effective option for anyone who uses candles with any regularity.  They cost around the same to buy as a high quality disposable wax candle – but a Perpetual Candle can be used again and again.

How the candle works

The Perpetual Candle is made of glass and contains a handmade solid wick.  All you need to do is fill it with liquid up to nearly the tip of the wick, but leaving enough of the top of the wick uncovered to be able to light it.  The liquid should be 3/4 tap water, and 1/4 Madalura London scented oil.  You put the water in first, then top up with the oil, and then light the wick.  Hey presto, you have a candle that can last for up to 9 hours before the oil needs to be topped up again.

When you wish to extinguish the candle, you can simply blow it out.  Alternatively the candle will self-extinguish when the oil layer runs out.

The Perpetual Candle can be used again and again – just fill up the candle with tap water and a layer of scented oil, as explained above.

How the Madalura London Perpetual Candle works


Every new Perpetual Candle comes with a 50ml bottle of scented candle oil, which will provide 9 hours of burning time. You can buy more scented oil in a choice of specially formulated scents, each of which is designed to evoke the power of nature and set a particular mood.

Find our more about our scented candle oils.


If candles are part of your lifestyle, we think you will love Perpetual Candles.

To buy a Perpetual Candle, please visit our Online Shop (coming soon) where you can find pictures of Perpetual Candles for sale – each one is a unique, handmade piece.

Jenny is sometimes able to accept commissions to design a Perpetual Candle as a special gift or to mark a special occasion – please contact us for further details.