Madalura London

Oil for Perpetual Candles

Madalura London’s natural scented oils have been specially formulated for use with our perpetual candles.  They are made with high quality, ethically-sourced natural ingredients, using blends of natural fragrances which evoke the fundamental natural elements of earth, wind, fire and water, and their amazing ability to convey simultaneously power, purity and a sense of peace.

Each scent creates a particular mood, illuminating the senses: awakening, enlightening and rejuvenating, and taking you on an excursion to mindful and harmonious state of being.

Madalura London’s natural scented oils


Earth evokes the greens and browns of nature.  It has been formulated to create a feeling of being ‘grounded’ and in harmony with the world.  This scent is nourishment for the soul.


Wind evokes the blue silvery grey tones of nature.  It has been formulated to create a calm serenity.  It lifts the day’s troubles into the ether, allowing you to find restfulness and find relief from the cares of the day.


Fire is our most powerful, warm and playful scent, evoking the reds, yellows and orange tones that we associate with fire’s sheer sense of potential.  It has been formulated to bring forth the powers of allurement, playfulness and creativeness that lie within each of us, waiting to be unlocked.


Water evokes the blue, indigo and azure colours that represent versatility and tranquillity.  It has been formulated to help you to flow with, rather than against, the tide, accepting things you cannot change, and thus having the strength to change those that you can.

Fifth Element

The Fifth Element is our most complex scent, evoking the purple and indigo colours associated with calmness, serenity and spiritual sensuality.  It is a combination of all four elements.  The fragrant notes within this complex scent inspire creativity, and enlighten and energise.


A 50ml bottle (providing up to 9 hours burning time) costs £14.99, or buy any three 50ml bottles for £36.99.

We also supply scents in the following bottle sizes:

  • 100ml (providing up to 18 hours burning time) for £24.99.
  • 1litre (providing up to 180 hours burning time) for £149.
  • 2 litres (providing up to 360 hours burning time) for £225.