Madalura London

Luxury Perfume Oils

These natural perfume oils are designed to be something special.  Unlike most perfumes (which are alcohol based), our perfume oils are entirely natural, but are still long-lasting.  They are designed to be worn throughout the day, a quick pick me up,  or for a wonderful night out.

Our perfume oils are designed to evoke the fundamental elements of nature.  Each has been painstakingly formulated by Jenny Madalura to inspire a sense of confidence and energy in the wearer, and is made using the finest quality natural ingredients from every continent.

These intoxicating and alluring luxurious scents in a bottle will illuminate your senses by drawing upon the wonder, complexity and power of nature.  Each comes packaged in a sexy slim vial-style bottle for easy application, easy to use and make wonderful gifts.

Madalura London’s luxury perfume scents

Madalura London Number 1 – ‘Water’

Both alluring and meditative, Number  1 is velvety smooth, woody, warm and lightly musky.  It has soft chocolatey undertones, a slight tinge of leather, and evokes luxury and sensuality.

Madalura London Number 3 – ‘Fire’

This is our strongest and most alluring and suggestive scent.  With a fresh rugged fragrance, it is unashamedly sexual and oozes exotic heat: a combination of woody sandalwood,  petit grain,  spiced with exotic herbs.

Madalura London Number 5 – ‘The Fifth Element’

Number 5 is our most refreshing fragrance.  Energising, light, enticing and positive, this complex fragrance is tinged with lemongrass, combined with a sandalwood base.  It is full of life, and takes you by the hand to run in the sunshine and dance in the moonlight.

Madalura London Number 12 – ‘Distinction’

This scent evokes ginger and ylang ylang.  It is distinctive without being overpowering.  Light, fresh and naughtily floral, and exudes contemporary carefree confidence.  A blend of light fresh floral notes with beautifully dark sexy spiciness, this is the perfect fragrance for the sophisticated lady who likes Parisian fashion and flirty high heels.


Each perfume oil comes in a 10ml slim vial-style bottle (with roller-ball top for easy application), protected in a luxurious velvet pouch.  Each costs £58.99 (or £99 for two).  They make wonderful gifts.